Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Czech Republic

In order to find an easier way to update posts, I switched to this website.

In less than a week, I will be joining Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic to lead an English Camp. While we are there we will have the chance to both learn from and teach the youth there in a village called Bohumilice.

I will fly into Munich June 30 and then take a short flight over to Prague. I sure hope the jet lag doesn't get me! Hopefully I will sleep most of the flight. :)

Please pray that I can just TRUST God will take care of me in preparation, travel, health, and interactions with people in a country whose language I had never really heard of. That He would prepare both me and the students I will have in my small group.

I am truly excited for this experience. I do not know how much access to internet we will have. From what I know, Bohumilice is a pretty rural area. I googled it and not much came up! However, I will post everything as soon as I can to let you guys know how the trip is going. 

Much love,
Katherine Anne

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