Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to Prague

(Merely travel stories, nothing cool yet)

I arrived in Prague at 12:20 pm, thinking I would be greeted by fellow Josiah Venture people. I came out of customs, walked around, walked, looked, walked, nobody, no sign, nothing. I came to the Czech Republic on my own and was really, on my own. I decided to stay put right at the place where people came out. An hour passed. Two hours passed. I got antsy. I went to the other terminal to see if they were there. Nope. Came back, got on my computer and scoured the internet for phone numbers. I finally found a cell phone number on facebook of one of the main guys who leads the camps, Nate. I swiped my credit card on a phone and dialed a ridiculously long number. Finally I got an answer and had to explain myself. He was like, oh they're there I'll let them know you're at the terminal. So I looked around and sure enough a group of 3 girls started looking around too. They came up to me and asked my name and I was finally connected to them! There were 2 czech girls, Jitka and Lutska, and Nate's wife, Emily.  

But then, we had to wait for other teams to arrive. So I found this chair in the airport. I think it was made out of metal? And sat in this chair, drifting in and out of sleep for 8 hours. Yes, I was at the Prague airport from 12:20 to 8:30pm. I had to take a picture of the sign that said "Welcome to Prague". I looked at the sign quite a bit.

The thing was, since I'm an independent traveler, I kind of meshed in with the "leader" people instead of church groups, so they had to receive groups at the airport and usher them out to taxis so they could make their train to the campsite. So the last flight got in around 8:30pm, which is when I left with the Czech leaders. We walked out of the airport, it was cold and rainy, to a small car with a trailer hitched on the back. I was with 2 czech girls and 1 czech guy. We're all standing out in the rain at the car trying to figure out how to pack my luggage in the already packed to the brim car. They were all speaking in rapid czech while I just stood there getting wet with my 3 pieces of luggage. After we managed to cram everything in and they stopped talking in czech, Jitka said, "Next time- pack light." Woops.

So I rode in the car with Jitka, Lutska, and David while they spoke in Czech 5-6 hours to the place I am in now, Malenovice. We start training in hmm 6 hours? It's 3am here.

So on that note, I am going to bed. I got a shower, I'm clean, I'm safe. Goodnight. 

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