Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hiking and Fruit Dumplings

It is so hard to write things down. I just wish someone could follow me around with a video camera so you could experience what I've experienced. Everything changes every day. New people, new ideas, new food, new sights, new experiences... But I decided to talk about the highlights of the past 2 days. Number one, we went on a hike. We left at 11 am to hike the mountain we are on to see the Poland border. We packed a lunch, including a pastrami sandwich, a buttered baguette, and a hard boiled egg. We also all received huge sparkling water bottles. As I hiked up the mountain, I got to know 3 girls, Iva, Eva, and Karol. Iva and Karol are in my class so it was cool to hang out with them on the hike. They just love practicing english! They are so precious and ready to learn and ask questions. The hike was actually pretty intense. We stopped for lunch around 1pm. Afterwards, one group hiked to see the Poland border (1km), and the other group hiked to the top of the mountain range (7km). 

I chose the shorter, easier hike. I was already dragging! These Europeans can hike! And the air here is thinner... On this second part of the hike I met Tomas. He is 17, very friendly, intelligent, and imaginative. Like most Czechs, he is also very logical and techinical. 
He likes fencing and creative things. Also loves physics and wants to study science. We talked for 2 hours yesterday about fantasy literature. I told him how I wrote a paper in high school
 connecting fantasy literature to politics, religion, and philosophy. He was so intrigued! Like, oh how did Harry Potter fit in? Or Narnia? And he was like, why do you think it is you like fantasy so much? I was like, well, I think there are elements in fantasy that we cannot experience here on earth. Sometimes people are immortal and I like that idea. And he was like, kind of like...Christianity? I was like, yes, in a way. Except I believe that it is a reality. He was like hmm... yes I would like that idea too. 

I think they all see religious people as harsh, narrow minded fools. So the fact that I encouraged his opinions and agreed with him on so many things threw him off. He said, in a good way. :-)

The kids are just brilliant here. But all of them grow up with a Darwinian outlook on life. Hmmm...

English class was great today and lunch was super fun. We ate fruit dumplings. It's basically dessert for lunch. Three heaping pastries filled with apricots topped with sweet cheese. They were simply amazing. I'd eat those for lunch any day.

Keep praying for us and for the kids here. I say kids, but they are all around my age or older. So, all of us. Just pray for God to use us in whatever way He wants. That we would know when to talk and when to listen. For us to be bold but also gentle. 

Side note/embarrassing cultural story- this morning I was extremely tired and out of it. I went to the counter downstairs to order coffee. I said, "Um, kava prosim?" He said, "Spresso?" (Meaning, we don't have actual coffee, only espresso. Is that ok?) And I automatically just said, "Si, si." Then I realized I was saying yes in spanish. I quickly corrected myself and said, "Uh no I mean, ano! Yes, ano!" (Ano means YES in czech. Who would have thought.) So the sweet man understood and served me espresso. Goodness. You know I have actually started to respond in Spanish to questions because it is my brain's automatic remedy to confusion/language barrier. Haha, I am still learning basic czech. It is muy loco. ;)


  1. That is sooo awesome Bebe!! Yay for Harry Potter, woohooo! :)

  2. ... And fruit dumplings, they look awesome!