Thursday, July 9, 2009

Winter Weather and Debates

I am not kidding about the title of this post- the weather here is like "winter" in Mobile. Cold rain and dense fog. I actually didn't go outside once yesterday because it is freezing cold and wet. The poor little sheep and goats are still out in the fields though. Although the sun is starting to come out this afternoon. I have a twenty minute break right now until a workshop. 

Class has been fun- yesterday we learned clothes and appearance so we played a clothing game. I called out pieces of clothing and they had to dress the "model" from their team. The pictures turned out really funny. Today we learned about travel and hobbies. I told one person on each team a place, verb, and transportation. They had to draw all of these things until their team guessed it. It was great because they had to put it all in a sentence to get the point. They would say, I go park...and play soccer!!" And I would say, nope say it correctly! And they would compete with the other team to say, "I will take A train to THE park and play soccer." They learned a lot today I think. Tomorrow we will do food and restaurant. It's the last day tomorrow...Wow. I am just now getting used to all my students and getting to know them more. 

I had lunch with 3 new girls today I had never met. I introduced myself to each of them saying, I don't think I've gotten to meet you yet. What's your name? And they would say, "Terka or Tereza" and I would be like, oh ok, I'm Katherine Anne, and they would all say, "yes, I know." Haha I guess they all talk about the Americans because people I haven't met yet already know my name. I don't know if that's good or bad. Hopefully good. I genuinely care about these teenagers. They are pretty much just like Americans, but maybe more logical, faster learners, less ignorant maybe? I genuinely enjoy and love every second of every conversation I have here. I care. I love hearing their opinions on life. And I think that makes a huge difference to them.

I've gotta run, I'll write about the "debates" later. Ahoy! (Bye!)

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