Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Days in Czech

Oh my goodness so much has happened. I am sorry I didn't keep up with the blog as much, but it really has been non-stop. I am finally at a resting point today. It is so wonderful and needed. We all have head colds and sore throats because our bodies are mad at us for lack of sleep and extra traveling, hiking, singing, yelling, talking, crying, laughing, and running. But now we are in an apartment in Strakonice, west Czech Republic. If you woke up here you could be in an American apartment. The coffee was on, and it is all Americans hanging out re-grouping here. To show you where I've been in the past few weeks, here is a map I drew on.

The X is Prague, where I flew into but only saw the airport. 2. Malenovice- the place all the Americans went through training; it is the main headquarters for Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic. 3. Lesni Bouda- the lodge in the mountains where I spent most of my time with the Czech kids at camp. 4. Bohumilice- the place where a lot of the kids were from, which is in Southern CR in the region called Moravia, where they specialize in sunflower fields, vineyards, and warm weather. This was my personal favorite place even though I was there for only one night. 5. Strakonice- where I am now, at an American missionary's apartment who lives in the CR full time. She takes in American interns during the summer who need to do laundry and re-group. Tomorrow I will head to Prague and meet up with an American church team heading back to the states. I will hang out with them and hopefully get some good pictures in. Wednesday I'll be at the prague airport at 5:30 am, starting my journey back home.
It is a bittersweet feeling leaving here. I know I have purpose going back home and I miss everyone back home, but I feel like part of my heart will always be here with these people I met and the experiences I had. I saw God work in so many lives and heard so many amazing stories from Czechs who were changed by their trust in God. (Not to say you can't see this in America, but because of the atheistic, Darwinian culture here, putting their trust in God is a beautiful thing to see).

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